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Running During Winter? Slowing Down, Strengthening Muscles Can Help Avoid Injury

"All http://www.altinet.info/2013/10/page/5/ of the other muscles in your legs a your quads, your hamstrings, your glutes, your calf muscles a they are responsible for energy absorption when your foot lands on the ground, and they're responsible for energy generation to propel you forward. "The only muscle that controls your side-to-side balance is your gluteus medius. If you're running in slippery conditions, you're in an unstable situation. Strength of that muscle is critical in order to improve your balance." He recommended doing strengthening exercises daily and anytime after a run go!! to avoid causing fatigue beforehand. fitness The Running Injury Clinic's website features videos of some common muscle strengthening exercises aimed at preventing and treating running injuries, several of which require use of a resistance band: http://runninginjuryclinic.com/resources/exercise-videos/ "Stretching is also important because when you decrease your stride length, you're taking shorter, choppier steps, you're going to be using your hip flexors a the muscles in the front of your hip a and you're going to be using your hamstrings and your glutes a the muscles in the back of your hip and your leg a a lot more," Ferber said. What about people who don't modify their approach and continue to run as quickly as they normally would? "The risk is that you're going to slip," Ferber said.
Read more: http://www.canada.com/health/Running+during+winter+Slowing+down+strengthening+muscles+help+avoid/9368783/story.html

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