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Amid Rancor, Pha Construction Training Program Is Back

One of them was Mujahid. He went through training a second time and now works as an apprentice at PHA, earning $12 an hour as a maintenance mechanic. "I knew at some point a job would come through, and PHA provided it," Mujahid said. "I'm going go to run with it from here." The overhaul of pre-apprenticeship training remains workout a sore point with the building trades. Union officials resent being cut out workouts of a program they helped create. "We had a wonderful program, one of the best," said Patrick Gillespie, president of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council. "That's where we got most of the women into the construction industry.
Full story http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140106_Amid_rancor__PHA_construction_training_program_is_back.html

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