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5 Fun Ways To Exercise With Kids

And think how nice it will be to share a few Christmas cookies with a little less guilt. 4. Take over the TV. Let's face it. Sometimes you're just not going to get to the gym or even out for a run. But, chances are you'll have at least a half hour of time to yourself, at home, when the baby goes down for a nap or after the kids have gone to bed. Take what you can get, especially during this time of year when a free few minutes feel especially golden. Pop in a DVD version of your barre class or the classic, aerobics one you've had since college, DVR an early morning yoga session to do whenever it fits your schedule, or try out one of the latest exercise offerings from video game systems, such as xBox. You'll forget you're in your living room once you get going with Zumba, strength training or even read this your kids' favorite Just Dance Kids game!
Full story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lynn-perkins/5-fun-ways-to-exercise-wi_b_4481129.html

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